AHA Program

Welcome to Author Helps Author Program (AHA Program).

Here I help authors by promoting their book to 250,000 readers on Twitter. If your book is Free, on a discount, a new release, any book promotional giveaway or anything related to your book then I would love to tweet about it.

The motive is to give your book more exposure via twitter.

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Fill your Book details below :-


1. @Ebookpromoters :- 60000 Followers approx. 2. @Reviewmyebook :- 47000 Followers approx.

3. @Bookblows :- 46000 Followers approx. 4. @Book_oftheday :- 42000 Followers approx.

5. @Bookblow :- 37000 Followers approx. 6. @Jdshouts :- 7500 Followers approx.

7. @Enasreviews :- 2300 Followers approx. 8. @Bookdeal01_my :- 500 Followers approx.

9. @Bookdeal02_my :- 350 Followers approx. 10. @Bookdeal03_my :- 400 Followers approx.

Tweet of your book from 10 Twitter accounts to more than 250,000 Followers.

NOTE :- There no charge for AHA program.

BONUS :- If you Pre-order this Book before 22 May 2015, you are automatically enrolled in a giveaway where you can win $300 Amazon Gift cards. Details here

Pre order “If my Blood Forgives” here

     Amazon.com                    Amazon.co.uk

81QLqSdIhLL._SL1500_              81QLqSdIhLL._SL1500_

If you feel that you should also help other Authors then please spread the love by sharing

this info. :-)

Thank you and all the best for your books

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